When talking about achieving your life goals and moving a step at a time in your life, you must not forget, that dedication is the key to everything, every profession in this world and every milestone requires an individual to be willing to work hard and progress your craft, whether you are a carpenter or a bartender, in any case you will need to work on yourself everyday to stay strong and achieve the levels you aim for. If your intention is to become something significant, you have to be able to withstand failures, because that is an indivisible part of becoming great. Many famous athletes  have failed numerous times before they could become the prime examples of success  and dedication, they weren’t left out because they didn’t give up when they were struggling, instead they got up and continued to walk the path they thought was destined for them. As a famous Brazilian footballer Manuel Francisco Dos Santos said, the only way to success is through lots of failures and sleepless nights, one can never achieve greatness if he never tasted misery.

Famous Georgian singer Bera is a prime example of a man who fully dedicates himself on making his dreams come true, he has been on the Georgian music scene for 7 years and his popularity grew bigger and bigger every year, Bera states that his popularity is a cause of nonstop working, Bera perceives his career as a train that never stops, he says that an artist should always be innovative and active throughout his music career, Bera is driven not only by his talent and inner needs to be a successful artist, but also by his fans, for him fans are a very big part of his inspiration, seeing how much they cherish his work, makes him dedicate himself even more into making more quality music and staying at the top. Bera knows lots of his fans personally, for him being close with his fan base is a right thing to do, not only is it a sign of respect for your listeners but it also tells him how people react to his new albums, do they like the direction he is going to or not.

It’s interesting how does  Bera  stay so highly motivated throughout his whole career, we asked him about his life and his ability to work unstoppably on projects for days, Bera told us that, the main reason for his dedication is his talent, from the age of 3 Bera already had musical characteristics, he loves music and enjoys working on it, that for him is the main motivation to produce music, if a man loves what he does, he will never get tired of doing it. Bera recalls that he sometimes spends days in his recording room just to get everything right for his project, everything must be polished down to excellence, only after that he can rest, until it’s time to work for another album. Bera also states that having a healthy lifestyle is essential in every profession you choose, because there is a healthy soul in a healthy body and those two are necessary if one wants to achieve big success. Bera told us that working with other famous artists is another  big motivation for him, when you work with someone that you look up to it drives you to perform on you highest level,  on one side is the pressure to be as good as the artist you work with and on the other, it is the joy of working with someone that you have been listening to in your past years. Bera has worked with Rob Fusari, producer of Lady Gaga and from his words it is clear that, it made him even more experienced and motivated than he was before. Having someone to look up to is a great motivator too, Beras favorite artists are 2pac, Notorious B.I.G. and Stevie Wonder, they have won the hearts of many and accomplished the goals they have set in their lives, their success motivates Bera to do better and strive for the same recognition that they have.

Another big part of Beras success is his ability to be constantly on tours, he tours not only in Georgia, but in foreign countries too, he says that there is nothing better than connecting with people who love your music , when he sees that people enjoy his music, it reinforces his decision to continue working hard and never stop producing new songs. Bera has constant contact with his fans, he thinks that it is an essential part of being an artist, besides that he always invites his fans to his concerts, because for his him there is nothing better than making someone happy with what you do, it is the ultimate effect of being an artist.

Best Online Games That You Can Play For Free

More of a scrumptious as well as gory time suck than your grandmother’s driving Tunnel Rush tutorial, Delighted Wheels is an afternoon of enjoyable and also it is completely free. Take control of an unfortunate spirit and also attempt to pilot them throughout of this hazardous physics game with at the very least some of their arm or legs still attached. Leaking with dark humor and also lots of surprise jokes, you’ll play degrees time and again simply to catch what you missed out on. With over 100 different games, the enjoyable seems countless however it doesn’t stop there. There is a customized degree contractor to design your very own vicious race tracks to test and torture your buddies.


The basic controls are basic. Forward is accelerate, backward is decelerate, left and also appropriate is lean. Space is the main action which normally corresponds to jump or a speed boost. Control and also shift are alternating controls used only in several of the games. ‘Z’ will eject you which allows you to interact with other objects and complete the game in some circumstances. These controls are used in a different way relying on the free Play Of impossible quiz video game is chosen. Generally the controls match to the automobile being made use of. An instance would remain in Chaos City, choosing the fatso in the gyroscope involves utilizing up as throttle, after that turning the automobile left as well as right to regulate the instructions. Furthermore Santa or Homeless Joe don’t have flying controls, yet merely progress with up and make use of area bar unique abilities to pass through gaps.


As a physics game Duck Life 4 , understanding pressures is a terrific way to have a good time as well as not obtain irritated by suddenly being decapitated repeatedly.

Very first point to understand is your body. If you drop as well fast, anticipate to lose a leg– no worry. Oh, there goes an arm. Prior to long, you are a small item of meat holding on by one arm. It’s okay to obtain a little attack, however the worse off you are the harder it will certainly have the ability to end up the Return Man 2 level, and also it will possibly disturb a few of the physics sequences also. Try not to lose your head, as after that you can’t regulate your lorry.

Bear in mind, Run 3 video game is various though they get on the exact same engine, neglect exactly what you know from the previous video games as well as approach every one with an open mind. If you are having troubles, just attempt to remember the physics below it.

Finally, mastering the glitch-walk. Being a physics based Cubefield , there are small ventures you could attempt. Notification that pushing area bar in the air when utilizing the Segway makes a little pop? That enables you to leap off of walls and also execute some insane maneuvers. Search for ventures to get to brand-new areas or get rid of tough difficulties.

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Nothing is much better than complimentary video games. If you suched as gamefudge, we obtained plenty more that you can play throughout the day each day. Compete with close friends and see that can obtain the highest possible rating between you.